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COL - 109 YELLOW BOURBON - Colombia

COL - 109 YELLOW BOURBON - Colombia

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Yellow Bourbon has a sweet taste, with a creamy, smooth mouthfeel. The modest acidity of Yellow Bourbon lends a pleasing brightness to the beverage. Furthermore, it may leave a clean, pleasant aftertaste in your mouth.

Notes: Yellow fruity aroma, citrus, lemon, nuts, preserved fruits, caramel, cream, medium body, the flavors of citrus lemon and caramel are blended very cleverly

Experience: This is a single-origin coffee that can be used for both drip-style hand brewing and espresso. It has beautiful yellow fruits, citrus and lemon as the main notes, supplemented by nuts and caramel flavors; it is different from the conventional blends on the market. This mix  brings a refreshing experience

Process: Washed Anaerobic

Roasted: Medium 

Altitud: 1760MAsL 

Farm: El Diviso 

Region: Huila - Colombia 

EL Diviso Farm Bean are the winner the Australian National Barista Championship 2023 

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